Friday, June 29, 2007

Long Time, No Blog

So, it has taken me way to long to blog again. It's even hard to just take a minute to breath lately. I have no idea how we became so busy. I don't even have time to get groceries, my favorite part of the week. I do like having thing to do though. I get so bored watching tv.

Let me catch you up. We had a lovely trip in St. John. Matt and I went to a Jazz place one night. That was a lot of fun. We also went on a million mile hike. We got to see all kinds of ruins. They were gorgeous. Hope you enjoy the slideshow. I wish we took more pictures. Good thing my bro did.

As for the house hunting we are now looking at buying my grandma's house. She recently moved to an assisted living community. We are still looking at a move date in Nov. 124 Days! I am so excited. The house is two neighborhoods down from my parents and three from my sis. It is so ideal. It even has a movie room. So our house will be smelling like popcorn in no time. The house has a lot of work to be done from the foundation to the door knobs. We will have it just in time for football season for parties.

I don't see anything in our life slowing down right now. Last weekend we had my Mom's big birthday bash and a company picnic. This weekend we have Ash's 1st birthday party and then a rough riders game. For the 4th there will be some much needed walking and hanging out. I have gained 7 pounds since I got married. AGHH! I haven't even changed anything. I blame it on stress. I tend to do that for no reason. Anyways, I will have to post some pics later. Tell then.