Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our State Fair

Last weekend we went to the State Fair. I tried the fried grilled cheese and Ruth's tamales. Yummy. They served the fried grilled cheese with a mini tomato soup. Freckin genius. I wish I came up with it. We test drove a Hybrid Tahoe. Super nice. Not as cool as the Jeep though. The Jeep people had a rock wall for the kids and an old Army Jeep. I love it! I must have taken 20 pics of the old car. Ooo. I almost forgot. They had a band there called The Killdares. They were amazing. They have a bagpipe! Brought my Scottish side out. Hope everyone gets to check it out.


Few weekends ago we went to the Plano Balloon Festival. I haven't been since I was little bitty. It was a blast to see them all light up at night. It is funny how when you are small you remember things so different. I remembered thousands of balloons in the air on the ground just everywhere. It was still pretty cool. I think Matt and I might check out the NM one soon. The potato things were to die for. They even had ranch to go with it. Yummmmy! I watched them cut the potatoes at the state fair and it looks just like a drill attached to a slicer. I could do that :). J.K. Matt had a really good philly. The meat wasn't dry or veiny. I give the food an A+.