Saturday, February 16, 2008

Last 3 Months in a Nut Shell

Hey Guys! Sorry long time no post:( Let me catch everyone up. Christmas was exciting. It was my first time away from my fam. It was kinda hard, but Matt's fam was so kind and warm. We did get to go skiing at Purgatory/Durango while we were over there. The snow was amazing. We even saw Santa hanging out. Last time we went there I feel in love with some clams. This time I tried the chili and man was it yummy. I also got some great Allcorn fam recipes while I was up there. I still need to get the Sticky Bun one from Matts Aunt. Man were those delicious. Pepper even came with us.
When we got back we had my fam come over for a New Years Day Dinner. We had Pecan Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Black Eyed Peas, and all kind of goodies. I am now all caught up in the chick flick world. I saw 27 Dresses, Fools Gold, and Definitely Maybe. They were all really cute. I think Fools Gold was my fav though. We are super excited it is time for another round of furniture. This time we bought our headboard and mattress for the master, the headboard for the guestroom, and the entry way bench. I can't wait to get everything in. I really think they are going to make a difference. Later this summer I think we are going to get the dinning and then this winter get the study stuff. I'm trying to talk Matt into some rocking chairs for out back or a firepit. I haven't gotten there yet, but maybe next year we can start on the outside. We still need to through a house warming party. Is there a statue of limitation? Maybe this summer after we get the dinning room we will through a bbq or something like that. Happy late Valentines eveyone!