Wednesday, March 7, 2007

St. John Bound

I am so excited we booked our flight to St. John. (Well really St. Thomas then a boat to St John.) I adore the Virgin Islands. Everything is so beautiful there. The people that are going with us are my mom, dad, brother, sister, brother-in-law, and niece. My parents were kind enough to get us all a gorgeous house that is right on the beach for the week. I can't wait. We might even check out a few other islands if my passport gets here on time. I haven't changed my name on it yet. We are staying on the other side of the island this time. Which is just as beautiful.

Here is a photo of where we will be staying. I got it off the owner's website. Gorgeous huh? I plan on checking out the National Park for sure. I found this pretty cool site that lists what the island has to offer: I think we went to the cane place last time. Isn't that horrible I can't remember and it was what three years ago. I do remember how the trees were so green, flowers so pink, and ocean so blue. I'll have to post some of my fav photos from that trip. This is where I found the weird obsession of taking photos of what I think are sweet cars. (Really old Jeep looking ones)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Hunt

After living in an apartment for 5 months it is time to get our own pad. So, the hunt is on.

Starting last February we started checking neighborhoods out. Last weekend my mom and grandparents were kind enough to check a few out with us. There are so many out there. Thanks guys!

While the hunt is still on, we have narrowed it down to a really cute one story. The only bad thing is that we will be moving farther away from my family, but they seem to understand. We plan on starting the build at the end of this month or next. This weekend we are going to check out the design center and a few other neighborhoods near by.

Looking at houses takes a lot of time. We usually start around 1 and stop around 5. I've started to check out the furniture stores around just for pricing :). I like Weirs, Hemispheres, and Rooms To Go. If you go to you can tell them the dimensions of you room and place your furniture in it. It's really cool. The house we like has 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, a dining room, a office, a kitchen, a breakfast nook, and a game/movie room. I'm really excited about the movie room. Movies and games are some of our favorite things to do. So, I know we are going to have fun in there.

Catch Up

Go Tech!
A girl down the hall from me asked if I wanted to go hang out with her and her friends. New at school I jumped on the opportunity to meet people. I never knew I was going to meet my husband that night. We didn't do much of anything really, but I started to hang out with them more and more. Matt and I became inseparable. Then we got a mascot, Pepper. He goes everywhere with me.

Before we knew it Matt graduated and had a job in Dallas and I was on my last semester. We got engaged and the planning started.

The Big Day
Finally the big day arrived and we got married.


We got to go to Paris for our Honeymoon. We had an amazing time! It is in my top ten list of the best cities. Along with Dallas (of course), NYC, Destin, Boston, Breckenridge, San Antonio, Keystone, Las Vegas, and Orlando.

I love to travel. If only I could make money doing that.