Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's Snowing!

Can you believe this crazy weather? I thought Spring was just around the corner and bam it started to snow not once but twice! It took Matt and I 3 hours to get home today, but man was it worth it. We made the best snowman ever. It was as tall as me! So, when we started a few of our neighbors where out salting and stuff. On comes over and say man you guys owe me 10 bucks. Well we bought girl scout cookies from him. So I thought that was what it was for, but then he pointed out our driveway was shoveled. Boy are we blind. I was so excited I didn't even notice. Isn't that so nice though. He also put salt on it for us for the morning. Second load of furniture arrives Saturday. I can't wait! I'll post pics later. Ooo, that reminds me this weekend we went the the home and garden show and they had the cutest garden flags. Go to They are super cute! Hope everyone stays safe tomorrow. Peace out!