Sunday, August 31, 2008

4-Day Weekend

Matt and I decided to go ahead and just make it a four day weekend. Thursday night we went to a Rough Riders game. They were winning until one of the last innings where the other team scored a million. Err. Oh well. We still had fun. Then Friday we went to the Ft Worth Zoo. Super fun. I highly recommend it. It was really cool b/c we almost had the place to ourselves. I bet Boo at the Zoo is a lot of fun. Then Friday night we hung out with my grands. We even went out for ice cream my memaws favorite. Then Saturday we bought our chairs for our dinning room table. WooHoo! We can now seat 14 officially inside plus a few at the couch. Then off to another Rough Riders game where they wait...lost again. I think I'm seeing a trend. Today was our last day teaching the 3 yr olds.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

In Memory of The Great Texas Stadium

As many of you know a new stadium is being built in Arlington that will take place of Texas Stadium. Not being a real sports fan I really could care less except they are building an outlet mall in its place. Sweetness. PreMatt I probably would never go to a pro football game, but now I have a new found sweet spot for sports. I'm no crazy fan but I enjoy watching the games time to time. Last night we went to the preseason game against the Houston Texans. Boy were the fans rowdy. A huge fight broke out in the section above us. Security came and escorted the entire group of Texan fans out. Seriously like 25 people had to leave. It was crazy. People were throwing cups like in the movies. I wish I got it on film. Cowboys Won! Farewell old stadium we will miss you.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jamaica Man

So, Jamaica was pretty cool. We had perfect weather. The all-inclusive idea was new for us. So, the first night we got there we were totally confused. We got there kinda late and a lot of the restaurants were closing. The next day we got it down. The Dunn's Falls was amazing. I have never experienced anything like it. Most waterfalls I have seen have been in Hawaii or Colorado where they fall off a cliff. This one you get to walk up. To get there we took a catamaran. They played one of the dirtiest songs I have ever heard, but it was hilarious. I of course had to download it right when we got home. It is called The Big Bamboo. Warning: Don't listen if you get offended. One day we went on a shopping tour. It was kinda cool to see what the inner parts of the island looked like. We bought a wooden head and some Bob Marley shirts. Other than that we just hung out at the resort and ate nachos. Each day they do this pool entertainment and one day was a beer chugging contest. I have never seen a guy drink a beer that fast. Everyone there was extremely friendly. My review: Great place for outgoing people that like the party atmosphere. Not so great for people that like to explorer on their own and chill at night. End result: We had a nice time just going to stick to the rental properties.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Animals of the Jungle

Ok, not really the jungle but the concrete jungle. So, we had this birds nest outside our front door for a while. Now we have a bunny burrow. Crazyness. I never thought owning a house would bring nature to you. It is kinda cool to watch them grow up and finally leave, but the bunnies are in our backyard where Pepper goes. It is only a matter of time before he finds them. Oh no! So, Papaw told me to put Cayenne Pepper out there. I thought I did but Matt told me Paprika isn't the same. Boy for someone that cooks I should know that one. I don't really use that one much. Anyways Matt's folks are taking Pepper for a few days so maybe the bunnies will be gone by then. Countdown for my 25th: 2 months!!