Saturday, April 9, 2011


Right now we are wrapping up the book of Esther. I think I have enjoyed this book more than any other study I have done. The book is different than any other in the Bible it doesn't say the word Lord. So, one might ask where is God during all this. He is in the background if you look closely. In a nut shell there is this King that is in search of a new Queen b/c the old one wouldn't obey. Esther was a beautiful young woman that the King picked. Then there was this other guy that reported to the King. He was offended by Esther's "father" (I put the quotes b/c he wasn't her real dad but raised her..i think he is an cousin??) He made the King's right hand man mad b/c he wouldn't bow to him. When asked the bad guy found out it was b/c he was a Jew. So, he went to the King to get a decree to kill all Jews. Well the Queen was a Jew. She threw them a two banquets and asked for her life and her people's life. King was mad that this happened and decided to kill his guy. Honestly you should read it.

What did I get out of it? Keep faith. That God has a plan in time. I also really admire how Esther went about things. She seemed very cool and collective.

Found a movie!! Haven't watched all it yet but looks good so far.

I also found a movie called One Night With the King

Can't wait to watch them!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who is Henry Vane.

The man in the photo for 300.

(1589-1655). To be honest I haven't had enough to to really research the guy behind the photo. I did find out that he has a facebook page. Sounds like quiet a crazy life with castles, wars, quarrels, and yes even taking his own life. I thought I had it crazy but reading about his life makes me thankful that I don't have to go through half of of what went on back then. One of my favorite plays is Romeo and Juliet but I always thought it was a little exaggerated but I can kinda see the time now. Henry was on his way politically. Knighted  in 1611, comptroller (1629) and treasurer (1639) of the household and secretary of state (1640). So, what happened you ask?

"Vane's appointment as secretary of state was opposed by the earl of Strafford. In the latter's trial, Vane, with genuine or pretended reluctance, testified that Strafford had advocated the use of the Irish army against Parliament. As a result he lost favor with the king and was dismissed from office."
But wait it gets even more interesting. How you might ask stay tuned to see how his kid turned out. Oh yeh, here is a pic of the castle in the fam!!