Sunday, February 27, 2011

Farmers, Running, & b.i.b.l.e

Ok, so far all I have found out I have a ton of farmers up one branch. They mostly lived in Georgia and North Carolina going back to the civil war time. I did find a few family photos; one even goes back to 1826.

I think I'm going to use this Family Tree Builder program I found online to keep track of everything I find too.

On a side note: I started to run again last week. Monday felt great I went the full 2 miles I wanted then on Thursday I didn't do so hot and then again on Sat didn't do the best. So, I'm excited of next week.

As for the bible study honestly I haven't opened it since Tuesday. So that is what I'm going to go do now.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Roots Body Soul

I'm so excited about my new project, Mind Body Soul. Let me explain a little.

I'll start with Roots. I have always been curious about why my ancestors came to America and where I came from. Luckily I have a few great family members that have done tons of research that I can start with. One of them even dates back to 1178. How cool is that?

Body. This one kinda started last year with the 5k training. Those of you who don't know I am not athletic at all. Last summer I was watching Losing It With Jillian and decided it was time to get healthy. And there started my couch to 5k program. This year I'm thinking bigger...half marathon bigger. I was planning on the White Rock but somehow it is sold out. Err. So, not sure which one I'm going to do yet but in the meantime I have a few 5ks in mind.

Soul. Last but not least knowing God. I'm starting with Ezra & Haggai. The church I go to have this amazing womens ministry. We are using the Precepts books which so far I highly recommend. The book of Ezra is about God's people taken out of their Land, temple is destroyed, people return, start rebuilding temple, discouraged by enemys, stop building temple, encouraged by Haggai and God, and the rebuild the temple in a nut shell so far. What I'm getting out of it is to trust God b/c he has a bigger plan than I do.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

1/2 Marathon Challenge

I'm sooo excited about my 1/2 marathon. I have until next Dec. Should be plenty of time.

The program:

The goal:

I'm starting in a few weeks. Stay tuned to a new playlist and how it is going. (If you have an awesome song you like to run to let me know...I'm looking for some new ones.)