Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday Night Pot Roast

It doesn't get much better than a Sunday night pot roast. I don't know about you but I really struggled with pot roast. It would always turn out dry. Somewhere down the line I tried cooking it the French way with red wine and it turned out well. Not wanting to buy wine every time I must have tried a dozen different ways. The crockpot with cream of mushroom turns out pretty well and you don't have to do much. Last night we went back to the French version from Cooks Illustrated. It is pretty good. The reduction of wine does make me kinda nauseated though. It filled the entire house kinda like when I deep fry fries. It's funny how cooking a full on meal makes me feel better but whenever I'm in a bad mood I won't cook. It is possible for my bad mood to transfer to the food. They always say cook with love and it taste better. Although some recipes can't be helped with all the love in the world.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

House Update

Well our house is complete. We have officially finished furnishing at least. Still needs a few touches like new chandeliers, granite, new appliances, backyard greenery, more goodwill runs, ok we still have work to do, but I think that is just an ongoing project. I don't think I ever updated you guys on the bathroom. We converted the light above the bathroom to a mini chandelier.

We also got a desk for our study. And...Our chairs for the dinning room.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Design - Watch Our Mess

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the mess. I have decided it is time for a redesign. I will be ending the life of the spicy texan and kristen's photography and just focus on one site one kristen. Through the years I have realized I'm not good at sticking to anything so instead I'm going to just have one site for everything. What does that mean? - Well, cooking, decorating, trips, photography, scrapbooking it is all going to be here. Also, for those of you that follow me remember my whole PC fiasco well....we finally got a new one. No more living off an external hard drive.

un cariƱoso saludo,

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt

Casino Night at the Allcorns! My family and Matt's came over to help celebrate Matt's birthday this weekend. We pulled out the old poker table, had a blackjack table, and even a roulette wheel. We served mini roast beef sandwiches with crab cakes and stuffed mushrooms. I also found these egg rolls in the freezer section at MarketStreet that were pretty good. Well, that was until I burned the last batch. My dad's crab cakes were delish! The mushrooms were ok nothing to write about but the beef was yummy. We just got the Boar's Head kind to cut prep time. Best decision. Matt's mom made his favorite cake...German Chocolate. Tracy was the high winner of the night and both our dad's were the biggest losers. Then we finished up with a good old game of bingo. Laura won bingo. We even had a magic show with my Dad and a cirque du soleil with Matt. All and all it was a fun night.