Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So, I'm hooked on this musician Freddy right now. Check him out:

I can't wait for him to release a new CD!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dinner: Impossible

So, my new favorite show is Dinner: Impossible. It is brilliant! Last night I watched the one where he goes to Pixar. Man was it fun to watch. They did a theme with Cars, Ratatouille, and Finding Nemo. The guy that did the voice of Linguini was even there. It looks like a really cool place to work. The cafeteria even has a brick oven. Next time it is on air:
April 19, 2008 3:00 PM ET/PT
April 23, 2008 1:00 PM ET/PT

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


10 years ago: Humm, it was 1998. So, I was in 7th/8th grade. I think that was the grunge phase of my life. I can't believe I every had a pair of baggy pants.

Things on my to do list today:
Matt's Softball Game

What would I do if I suddenly became a Billionaire:
Oh man. I would buy a vacation home in Savannah, Vail, Destin, and Paris. Ooo, I would open a cute store in each city for people on vacation. It would have cute shirts and local artist stuff. I would also have an amazing restaurant next to it where the profits go to Alzheimer's. The one in Savannah would have southern food maybe I can get Babe's Chicken to go in on this one, the one in Vail would have comfort foods like chili to keep people warm on the slopes, the one in Destin will be fish tacos and stuff like that, and the one in Paris would be French/American with mini food.

Three of my bad habits:
1. I go to bed way to early
2. I go ADD
3. I cut my dead ends at work

Five jobs I have had:
Sales @ Academy
Sales/Operator/Cashier @ Target
Intern @ eStar
Project Coordinator @ US-Analytics

Five things people don't know about me:
1. I have a super nose. I smell everything
2. I don't really like red meat
3. I haven't cut my hair in a year
4. I still watch the Disney channel
5. I love sitting on the porch

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Decorating and Chores and Neighbors Oh My

So, we have been working a lot on the house little by little. We are trying to pick a room each month and go from there.

The Kitchen was done before we moved luckily we had everything for that. The red paint is really a deep red I'm not sure why it looks orange here. Luckily all my cookbooks did fit:) I think I might find a bigger picture for the red wall, but the 6 piece works for now.

The living room was next where we bought bar stools, tv stand, and coffee table. Plus Matt's parents bought us a super cute clock for a house warming present.

The next room was our bedroom. So, we had a queen, but I was dying to upgrade to a King. I love it. Not to soft, but not to hard. We also had to get the dresser, nightstand, and chairs to match. We didn't really have any decor for this room. So, I got to go pick out a lamp, candles, etc. I'm not sure where to put our quilt rack yet.

Our guestrooms are just about done as well. The "kid" one has my old twin with my college bedding and furniture with my dolls and posters. The other guestroom has our old bed. We did upgrade the queen and bought a headboard. So, all we have left is a nightstand.

For the front yard we put a few iron piece out there and added new mulch. Last weekend I had the pleasure of pulling a million weeds. Our neighbor did let us borrow this weed puller that is pretty cool.

Up next is our study and dinning room. Then maybe upgrade the kitchen to granite and stainless. After that the backyard. In the mean time we are working on a new tv for our room, a dyson, nightstand for the guest, a new grill, some work on the jeep. Boy it's going to take all year. I can't wait until it's over, but then what will we do? So, I think I gave up on the house warming party. Is it bad to do one a year late? I really wanted to have one. Oh well.

On other updates: Our neighbors are so nice. Granted they are all at least 6 years older with kids they are pretty cool. This month we have a elmo birthday party to go to, a neighborhood garage sale, a crawfish, and the list goes on. I think I might crack down and get a maid. Chores stink! I don't mind picking up after myself, but boy do I not like mopping, dusting. Plus it eats a whole day. Last night I tried my first King Ranch Chicken. I figured anything with the word Ranch must be good and it was. While there was no Ranch it did have Rotel. I'm going to put it in my next cookbook. (By the way sorry I think I gave up on my cooking blog and just stick to a cookbook a year). So, a few publishers have been calling my about publishing one. I'm not really sure if I'm that serious about it all. Maybe I'll finish this next one and see what yall think. Oooo, I'll add a voting thing on the left!